Top box GSB V1 black





Features and Benefits:

1. Made of durable PP plastic – not easy to crack or break

2. Includes lock and two keys, and install parts

3. Quick release that allows you to carry it like a suitcase

4. Easy installation with no drilling required

5. Large capacity, enough space for 2 helmets.

6. Ideal for Storing Helmets, Gloves, Clothing & Accessories.

7. It is very convenient with handle to take it out or anywhere you want to go.

Color Black

Material: high-strength PP material Double-layer thick upper cover

Product capacity: about 47L

Product size: 53*37*29CM

Product features: double waterproof │ can bear the weight of 2-3 adult men │ can accommodate 2 full face helmets │ one quick release │ safety copper lock │ comfortable backrest

Package Included:

1x Box

2x Key

1x Bottom plate

1x Tool


GSB V2 M47 Plastic

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