Headlight Heavy Grill with Cap and Indicator


Best bike grill set in metal variants. Kandid grill set for bike are designed to protect headlight, back light/tail light, indicators and pilot/parking bulbs. Protective bike accessories are a must for every biker owning royal Enfield standard 350 or royal Enfield standard 500. These custom grill for royal Enfield makes it perfect fit for all standard models like royal Enfield standard 350, royal Enfield standard 500. Kandid has range for bullet grill set protective motorcycle accessory – we have 1 headlight/front light grill, 1 backlight /taillight grill, 4 indicator grill and 2 parking/pilot light grill. The holes are sometimes not aligned with all the models. For easy installation, go to a mechanic-they will drill holes to align it with screws points in your bike model. We have multiple royal Enfield grill designs like matte black, golden, chrome, normal black, rust brown, designs like camouflage. The bike grills come in with cap and without cap models also. The Metal grills are made from strong metal which can withstand heavy impact. The colour also remains intact in years to come. Be it rain/fog/summers/winters the motorcycle grill colour stays. The metal royal Enfield grills are made from die-casted aluminium making it anti-rust, anti-collision. These bike protective cover combo fits all royal Enfield bullet standard 350 and 500 models. These royal Enfield accessories are a must have for biker boys to add style and class. It makes you stand out of the league making you a trend setter and style icon by giving your bike a more matured look. Sets and combinations for royal Enfield standard 350 and standard 500, royal Enfield classic 350 and classic 500 and royal Enfield Electra available

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