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H4 Bullet Projector Daymaker LED Light Headlight Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm


Favourite BikerZ – Projector Headlight Assembly with Smoke Black Reflector. Featuring:- Round Daytime Running Light Low-beam pattern remains on at all times, and the switched high beam adds additional punch down the middle of the road Rectangular “Round Square Cut-shaped” lens focus light into a pool in front of the motorcycle, and separate high beam and low beam projector lenses provide a focused beam of light ahead Low-beam pattern remains illuminated at all times and the switched high-beam adds illumination down the center line Solid-state LEDs are designed for long life, and the shock-and vibration-resistant lamp assembly mounts into existing light housings Installation is quick and easy, and the plug-in lamps connect to the factory headlamp wiring. LED performance characteristics: 1. Better Clarity and direction of beam 2. Brightness and depth of light is more accurate 3. Well Focused Light Package includes: Black Round Projector DRL LED Hi/Lo Light Advantages: Low power consumption, anti-shock, It’s a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection light. Long life-span, small luminance decline, good antistatic ability and color consistency. The advantage lies in large viewing angle, light uniformity, high brightness and good heat dissipation.

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